History as it was lived by real people

History facts and figures are just that: the basic skeletons of what events occurred on a particular day or in a particular time period. They don't tell a historical story.

The Joy of Historical Fiction Books and Stories

A history novel is far more than basic facts. History is the story of the lives of people: without people - and their reactions - to events, the events just sit on a page. Both historical fiction stories and non-fiction narrative make the facts real and significant. 

That's what I do. I take the historical facts and make the facts become someone's life. Often, the historical novel comes from a non-fiction narrative I have written. But always - the facts come into context.

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Me in a nutshell

- Bachelor of Arts (History & Anthropology/Sociology
- Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)
- Certificate in Genealogical Research
- Diploma in Family Historical Studies

Occupations (in order of importance):
- Wife and mother (better not to rank these against each other - lol)
- School teacher (History, Legal Studies and Social Sciences)
-Library assistant 
​- various others that don't really rate a mention
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