Current projects

Heart of a Child

As you can see, ​Heart of a Child​ has now been published. This anthology is a select group of 20 stories from the group Authors' Tale, a Facebook group of authors who support and help each other develop as writers.I am proud to say that the two short stories I submitted both made it in: Tell Us a Story, Pa and Goodnight - and God Be With You All.

​All profits from this anthology will go to Children of the Nations, a charity that endeavours to make long-term, positive change to the lives of impoversihed families.


And then there is my novel ....

Starting in 1883, New Life Across the Oceans sets out the highs and lows in the life of the Wildays, who arrived in Australia as newly-wed teenagers following a 'shot-gun' marriage back in England.

​This story is based heavily on historical fact, with the humanity added to make the tale come to life.

I am close to finishing the first draft of this novel - and I have started editing.

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